Private Sessions


It is better if you are ready and willing to let go and be responsible for your life. The care offered serves to balance, recalibrate, vibrate and love you. All care will be done with the guidance of our Mothers of the Stars, through verbal channeling, sounds, touch or through the language of Light. It is possible to see your Akash, if you allow yourself. Be attentive to how you feel when you ask for care, what will do you the most good and how you should experience the encounter (bring an object, your journal, a notebook, a Crystal etc.). I use a set of ancestral and Lemurian techniques (Reiki comes from there).


After more than ten years of energetic work on myself, extraordinary healings and the progressive liberation of my Akash, the Ancient that I am is back to offer energetic healing so that you also free yourself from physical or psychic traumas. From now on, I am in continuous reconnection with my Innate Body, my biology, in order to heal myself. We are on Terra, Pachamama, Gaia, the new version of Earth. It's up to us to synchronize with it. It's up to us to receive her gifts. It's up to us to live in CO-CREATION with our Soul.

 I am fluent in English from Canada with a touch of accent.

$111 /1 hr

/par personne

The sessions are bathed in a circle of compassion where everything could be said if needed. I have lived through many traumas in this life which allows me to listen and understand in an amazing way. You will finally discover that you are not alone and that it is possible to heal yourself.

Nancy danse avec GAIA pour intégrer son Akash, réactiver sa grille crystalline et devenir la FemmeCha.

"Le ventre sacré"

Special price $44 - Intentional Push - Multidimensionnal Care

We are in a year of change (Kryon) creating opportunities for spiritual evolution. The Stars Mothers suggested that I offer healing in a multidimensional way to increase the vibratory rate and functionality of the DNA in you. In consciousness, you have to give your permission: I give permission to receive DNA activation codes that are appropriate for my evolution. "We will go to you in the dimension you are in. You will be able to feel it (3rd eye) or know it (dreams) or vibrate it (in awakening). We do not need information from the human part of you (we already know it). We will do the work within 24 hours of your payment, so be attentive during those 24 hours." We love you." This offer is valid until December 31, 2020.  

 "The Stars Mothers are always with us. They never left. They stayed out of love for their children and their children's children. They are active and in multidimensional form.

We are one." Nancy. 

 "Danser l'énergie de la Merkabah"

Portal for multidimensionnal healings

This portal is composed, on this September 8th, of two multidimensional treatments, represented by the white sheets with codes of light specifically offered to the people who ordered the treatments.I channel the electromagnetic energy of the New Earth. I channel the electromagnetic energy of the New Earth. The Spirit uses design, form and colors for the treatment.

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Special price $44 - Intentional Push - Multidimensionnal Care

 "Danse de guérison des hanches"